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1985 – 2022 | National Football League | 49ERS


Hidden Yardage is a dedicated platform for expressing passion for my sporting pastimes. Gridiron is mesmerizingly beautiful and extraordinarily complicated. A game of chess executed on the field between offense and defense with coaching teams formulating game-plans and adjustments on the side-lines. Hidden Yardage is terminology for evidently minuscule details that add up to make significant contributions to wins, losses, seasons and careers. Penalties, mental errors, clock management, play-call execution, time of possession, red flag usage, punt and kick-off yards, return yards and special team stats are examples of Hidden Yardage.

On gameday the scoreboard does all the talking and by season-end, division tables do not lie. I believe hidden yardage can go beyond score-line and win loss percentage. How much are you willing to comprehend? National Football League and individual NFL teams employ time and expense on studying and managing data to increase safety, performance and the like. Any Given Sunday is much more than make tackle, score touchdown.

Hidden Yardage methodology can translate across the sporting spectrum, in fact the translation should be seamless. The hunger for and consumption of on and off-field data is fast becoming integral and the norm because the difference between success and failure can be a inch or a jiffy. Hidden Yardage is uncomplicating the complicated and complicating the uncomplicated.

NFL DRAFT 2023 – 49ERS

NFL DRAFT 2023 – 49ERS

27th - 29th April 2023 | Union Station - Kansas City, Missouri NFL DRAFT 2023 DAY ONE - NO PICKS Draft trades galore....

NFL DRAFT 2021 – 49ERS

NFL DRAFT 2021 – 49ERS

April 29 - May 1 | FirstEnergy Stadium - Cleaveland Ohio NFL DRAFT 2021 DAY ONE, TWO AND THREE Oh my God, thank you...

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