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25th – 27th April 2024 | Union Station – Campus Martius Park and Hart Plaza in Detroit – Michigan


The draft is projected to start in the United Kingdom at around 1am and the Niners will be on the clock at pick number 31. The anticipation is a selection to shore up the offensive line however the red and gold could trade up, trade down and or acquire additional picks by trading Brandon Aiyuk. I’m looking forward to the set design and draftee walkthrough area. The previous year was a marked improvement in comparison to 2022’s unfavourable effort. The 2021 set design remains my favourite and has nothing to do with the acquisition of Trey Lance.



The Niners first round selection of Florida WR Ricky Pearsall has aroused the media mouthpieces and stoked the usual fandom fallout. Slick Rick as he is known may prove to be a genius acquisition who has the skillset to diminish the doom and gloom crowd like Brandon Aiyuk before him. The set design and draftee walkthrough area for me was a step in the wrong direction and visually felt like an afterthought. 



Two selections with the availability to start from the get-go coupled with the ability to not only shore-up but increase the repertoire and range of both positional groups. Cornerback, Renardo Green and Offensive lineman, Dominick Puni will make the 49ers better today and tomorrow.



The business round for the red and gold. The five selections will increase camp competition and squad depth for the long-term. Isaac Guerendo will help prolong Christian McCaffrey’s career with athletic traits through the roof. Jacob Cowing will be handy for special teams and potentially the pass game on gamedays.



San Francisco is the destination for UDFA to improve, gain experience at the professional level and fundamentally increase NFL opportunities. The current 49ers have a great reputation for developing and affording opportunities for undrafted rookies.

Day one Selections

Round 1: No. 31 – Ricky Pearsall, WR, Florida

Day two Selections

Round 2: No. 64 – Renardo Green, CB, Florida State
Round 3: No. 86 – Dominick Puni, OL, Kansas

Day Three Selections

Round 4: No. 124 – Malik Mustapha, S, Wake Forest
Round 4: No. 129 – Isaac Guerendo, RB, Louisville
Round 4: No. 135 – Jacob Cowing, WR, Arizona
Round 6: No. 215 – Jarrett Kingston, G, USC
Round 7: No. 251 – Tatum Bethune, LB, Florida State

Undrafted Selections

Tanner Mordecai – QB, Wisconsin
Drake Nugent – C, Michigan
Cody Schrader – RB, University of Missouri
Terique Owens – WR, Missouri State
Evan Anderson – DT, FAU
Mason Pline – TE, Furman
Briason Mays – OL, Southern Mississipi OL

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